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Hollywood Pies – Deep Dish Pizza

August 27, 2011

I’m from Illinois. We know pizza. My favorite Chicago deep dish is Giordanos. In fact, there was once when I met my mom in Chicago before heading on to Peoria. She arrived an hour or so before me and was happy enough to pick up this strange pizza I requested. It only took one bite before she understood why I insisted on us getting that very specific brand of pizza.

Thanks to a friend (Missy Leach you ROCK!) I now know the love that is Chicago deep dish right here in Los Angeles. I know, I know. You don’t believe that any pizza can be like real Chicago deep dish if you aren’t actually in Chicago. But, you’re wrong. You are SO wrong.

Let me now introduce you to Hollywood Pies. This place was described to me as the best deep dish and to add to the taste of the pizza was the quirky way in which you get the pizza. You call up a phone #, order, and then drive to an ally. You call a phone # again and your pie is delivered to you in your waiting car. Nope, this isn’t a drug deal….it’s pizza. There are so many rumors about this pizza that I wouldn’t even deem to try and figure out which one is true. Because I was at work, with a dog, I went for the more conventional delivery. The delivery guy let us know that the owner was just some guy from San Diego who decided one day he was going to start making pizza. Thank you San Diegan for taking a chance!

Two pizzas from Hollywood Pies

Two pizzas from Hollywood Pies

So, the next time you’re in LA and you’re wanting to not cook and get great pizza you have GOT to check this place out. We had the Bugsy and the Hollywood Pie and they were both fantastic. I can’t wait to try some new types another time.

Thank you Missy Leach and thank you Hollywood Pies! We really enjoyed this for dinner and will have more for left overs. Davey said he enjoyed it too.

Davey trying to eat my pizza

Davey trying to eat my pizza

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