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Zucchini Lasagna

July 16, 2012

It’s summer and that means a garden bounty.   That also means that I don’t want to waste any of it.  So, today I spent cooking items with my 7lb zucchini I picked from yesterday morning.  Who would have known that it could make so much food?!?  From one zucchini I made this lasagna, 2 loaves of bread, and 6-7 zucchini fritters.  We’ll start here with the lasagna.

gigantic zucchini

I have to give it up to for inspiring me to make this dish.  I made it two years ago when I had zucchini and now again this summer.  My mom has also now made it as well as another gardening friend.  All have LOVED it.  So, thank you Italian Dish for introducing us all to how great it is.   I can’t wait to try her Zucchini Soup next weekend.


3lbs of Zucchini, partially peeled, and cut into long thin strips.

1 quart of your favorite tomato sauce

1 cup of bread crumbs, split.

1-2 lbs of ricotta, depending on your tastes.  I’ve always used 1 and have loved it.

4 eggs, lightly beaten

2 Tablespoons parsley, chopped

1/2 teaspoon each dried oregano, basil

Salt & pepper to taste

1 cup shredded Parmesan

1 pound shredded mozzarella cheese


Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees

Slice the zucchini into long slices and boil for about 5 minutes in salted water, just until limp.  Dry on paper towels

In a medium sized bowel, combine eggs, parsley, salt, pepper, basil, oregano,  ricotta and 1/2 cup of bread crumbs and 1/2 cup of parmesan.

In a 9×13 pan, spread a layer of sauce and over the sauce spread 1/4 cup of the bread crumbs.

Arrange a layer of zucchini over the sauce and crumbs.

Using half of your ricotta mixture, spread over zucchini.

Sprinkle on half of the mozzarella cheese.

layering the lasagna

layering the lasagna

Continuing to layer…

Place another layer of zucchini on top of the mozzarella

On top of this, put on the rest of the tomato sauce and then sprinkle on top of the the other 1/4 cup of bread crumbs.

Gently spread the rest o the ricotta mixture and then top with remaining mozzarella and Parmesan.

Bake for 1 hour in the oven, and then let sit for 20 minutes before cutting.

completed lasagna

completed lasagna

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